Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weds, January 4th 2012

Today was a good day but damn cold only in the 20s... ventured to Shoprite and got alot of good stuff on sale to play around with.... then came home and did odds and ends.... have some great conversations with a few lap band peeps...some newly banded, some with surgeries coming up and a few others that have had it...the people i meet in my journey are amazing people and glad to walk with them in their journies as well....last nights support group was real good too... alot of great peeps there too... also ran into my old wound care specialist in the parking lot in the hospital who is semi retired Dr Adler who is a great guy... last time i saw him was @ this time last year and i got out of my car and his first words were HOLY SH@T you look great, so chalk that on the NSV board.... looking fwd to going for my weigh in this friday and to but out that 12 pounds to break the 200 pound loss.... so we will see..... peace out yah freakz......

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