Friday, January 13, 2012


Had a great night last night catching up with my buddy Janine who most know used to work for DrV but left last year to go back to school.... To me she was my guardian angel from the beginning of my journey,with all the support, weigh ins and real talk when i went for my appointments and after a year from not seeing her it was great to catch up... Had a lot of great laughs and got her in my travelling pants also.... JRod is my buddy for life and I wish her the best in her education and career..... Remember JRod "POWER FROM WITHIN"

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  1. Dan Dan ( tears ) I don't even know where to even start. When I first met you there was just something special about you. Your devoted commitment to bettering your lifestyle is what I loved about you. Thank you sooo very much for allowing me to share this wonderful experience with you. The pre & post op portion of this experience was one of the amazing experience of it all. And I've learned so much from it and about you both at the same time. & still till this day I'm learning even more from the bariatric procedure and from you to. From all your wonderful inspirational quotes to all those wonderful recipes to help people feel a full sensation without getting stuck and getting aggravated. Each day with you is a learning experience that I wouldn't trade for anything else. Dan Dan your the best thank you for your honest friendship people like you don't come around that often.