Thursday, January 26, 2012

LOW FAT/FAT FREE Mexican Taco Layer Dip

 LOW FAT/FAT FREE Mexican Taco Layer Dip
In order of bottom of dish to top. dish here is 8x8 glass dish. if using longer dish, double ingredients.

1st layer: fat free Refried beans, 1 can
2nd layer: Fat Free Chili, 1 can
3rd layer: 1/2 jar- 1 jar salsa
4th layer: 1 container fat free sour cream
5th layer: fat free chedder cheese/taco cheese
6th layer: shredded ice berg lettuce to cover
7th layer: sprinkle diced tomotoes
8th layer: sprinkle diced chiles
9th layer: sprinlkle black olives

chill for 2 hour if any ingredients were hot when u put them in. if not serve and enjoy

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