Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Soup is good food for a day that was freezing, so i ran out this afternoon and picked up some chicken and veggies and made a nice big pot of chicken soup....Ppl were asking what i did so here it is....

-@ 3 pounds of chicken legs and thighs bone in
the veggies i chopped and diced all in my smart chopper
-2 medium onions diced
-3/4 pound baby carrots diced
-1/2 large bunch of celery chopped
-1 large parsnip diced
-2 tablespoons crushed garlic
-dried or fresh herbs...thyme, rosemary,black pepper,parsley

In a large pot add just a little bit of oil and heat up then i added the chicken pieces skin side down first then turned over and cook each side for a few minutes
- then i added all the diced veggies and let everything all sweat together with the pot covered stirring occasionally
-when the veggies are par cooked then i added black pepper,dried rosemary,thyme,garlic powder, onion powder...suited to your taste..
-then i added water to cover everything covering about an inch over everything then cover the pot
-cook on low for about 2 hours or so stirring occasionally and the chicken should start falling off the bones.... i pulled the bones out with tongs as i saw the bones were clean and u can even scrape off with a fork-
-after about 2 hours pick out any remaining bones and turn the heat off
-after a lil bit some of the fat from the skin and the geletin that the bone make should float on the top and you can skim with a spoon....if you arent having it right away when u refridgerate the stuff on top will turn into geletin and its easy to take off....
- check and adjust seasonings to your taste....you can also add canned chicken stock as well or boullion....
-i rarely add salt to anything so you can adjust the salt to your taste ....
-you can serve with egg noodles also



  2. whts the portion size? I am almost 6 weeeks out from lap band. Looking forward to a fill. you look great and this soup looks wonderful